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 For more information on our high-quality construction services, contact SoCa Construction today!


SoCa Construction excels in various construction services, showcasing expertise in multiple areas. From crafting exceptional new build homes to seamlessly executed extensions, our capabilities span various development projects.


We are proficient in constructing apartments that blend modern design with functionality, and our prowess extends to creating well-crafted hotel spaces that cater to luxury and comfort. With a commitment to excellence, our team brings creativity and precision to every project, transforming concepts into reality with finesse and professionalism.

Contact our team today for a range of high-quality builder services!

What construction projects do we cater to?

At SoCa Construction, we cater our construction services to a range of different projects, such as:

  • New build homes

  • Extensions

  • Multiple developments

  • Apartments

  • Hotels

For building contracting solutions, contact our team today!

Do we complete your construction job from start to finish?

At SoCa Construction, we work with expert electricians, plumbers, plasterers, bricklayers, and many other tradespeople. This ensures that our client's projects are completed to the highest standard from start to finish.

Are you in need of construction solutions in Ireland? Contact our experts today!

Why choose our team for your construction project?

There are many reasons why you should consider choosing our team for your construction project:

  • Our team have over 25 years of experience in the construction industry

  • We cater to your design ideas in every aspect of your construction project

  • We are happy to advise you on what construction solutions would best suit your needs

Are you in search of an expert civil engineering company in Ireland? Contact SoCa Construction today!

  • What is the catchment area of our civil engineering and construction services?
    At SoCa Construction, we cater our civil engineering and construction services to clients nationwide.
  • What is the easiest way to contact our team regarding civil engineering and construction services?
    Contact our team today via phone, email, or WhatsApp regarding civil engineering and construction services.
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