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 For more information on our professional construction and civil engineering services, contact our team at SoCa Construction today!


Welcome to SoCa Construction, your premier specialist civil engineering and construction contractor based in North Dublin. With an impressive 25 years of experience in the industry, we are committed to delivering excellence in every project we undertake. We take immense pride in our reputation as experienced, professional, and dedicated professionals with a strong track record of success.


Our services extend beyond North Dublin, as we cater to projects nationwide, reflecting our dedication to serving a diverse range of clients. Our team's expertise and extensive experience ensure that we consistently meet and exceed industry standards. Our comprehensive services encompass domestic and commercial projects.

Whether you're seeking new builds, residential projects, commercial ventures, or earthworks, SoCa Construction has the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and how we can contribute to the success of your project. At SoCa Construction, we are here to turn your construction aspirations into reality.

Contact SoCa Construction today for expert advice on our construction services!


Civil Engineering

SoCa Construction specialises in comprehensive civil engineering services, emphasising vital aspects of infrastructure development. Our proficiency covers intricate concrete work for structural reliability and drainage solutions encompassing installations and repairs.

We ensure secure and efficient transportation options by mastering road construction, footpaths, and carparks. Committed to quality and innovation, our diverse expertise is pivotal in achieving robust and functional infrastructure projects.



At SoCa Construction, our construction services encompass a wide spectrum of expertise. Our capabilities are diverse and comprehensive, from crafting newly built homes and extensions to building multiple developments, apartments, and hotels.


Our team's commitment to excellence ensures that each project, whether a residential endeavour or a commercial venture, is executed with precision, creativity, and dedication to turning visions into reality.


Ground works

With a strong foundation and 25 years of industry experience, SoCa Construction offers a specialised groundworks service that sets the stage for project excellence. As expert civil engineering and construction contractors, we recognise the significance of robust foundations.


Our skilled team ensures precision from excavation and site preparation to utility installation. Based in North Dublin, our services extend nationwide, reflecting our commitment to professionalism and quality in every project we undertake.


Site clearance

SoCa Construction presents a thorough site clearance service essential for smooth construction endeavours. Our team skillfully clears sites by eliminating debris, vegetation, and obstructions that could impede progress.


Our service caters to residential and commercial projects, ensuring safe and precise site preparation. Whether it's a new build, extension, or infrastructure project, our site clearance expertise offers a pristine canvas for your vision to materialise, showcasing our dedication to impeccable groundwork.

Contact SoCa Construction today for expert advice on our construction services!

  • What is the catchment area of our civil engineering and construction services?
    At SoCa Construction, we cater our civil engineering and construction services to clients nationwide.
  • What is the easiest way to contact our team regarding civil engineering and construction services?
    Contact our team today via phone, email, or WhatsApp regarding civil engineering and construction services.
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